Smile Design

Smile Design (Tooth Esthetics)

Smile design is an evaluation of lips, gums, and teeth separately and in relation to each other, including a detailed aesthetic analysis.

The factors involved in smile esthetics such as lips level, teeth size, the gum level, the colour of teeth, order of teeth, the harmony of lips and teeth while smiling and the shape of a smile, as well as their relation to each other, are very important in the esthetic smile analysis.

Smile Design Prices

The prices of smile design in Trabzon are, as it happens in other regions, based on the price list published by Turkish Association of Dentistry. It is common in Turkey to provide an instalment plan for smile design procedures since they are considered a long-lasting treatment.

Smile Design FAQ

How is the smile design made?
During the process of smile design, the esthetics of the part comprising teeth (white aesthetics) and the part comprising gums (pink esthetics) are evaluated. In order to do so, the level at which gums should be, and which teeth will be covered by the design are determined based mostly on photographs. Later on, one’s teeth’s tooth-gum-bone levels are examined by the ways of clinical examination and radiography. After that, the treatment plan is clarified.
How is the evaluation of gum aesthetics known as pink aesthetics conducted during the smile design?
In all aesthetic appliances, the purpose should be to find a solution fitting the particular person. While smiling, the level of gums and their symmetry is as important as the look of teeth. That’s why it is often preferred to treat the gums using a laser.

If it is sufficient to treat the gums, the process may be conducted with a diode laser. However, if a more advanced correction is needed, a solid state (Er:Yag) or combined laser will be necessary. Solid state lasers are preferred since they provide more comfort after the procedure.
How is the evaluation of teeth esthetics known as white esthetics conducted during the smile design?
In order to achieve a satisfying white aesthetics, the applications such as porcelain laminates (porcelain veneers, composite veneers, bonding applications, smile design, bleaching, and inlay-onlay, as well as procedures such as recontouring, may be performed.
How many sessions does a smile design require?
The number of sessions depends on the previous situation of the patient and the type and number of procedures to be conducted. Overall, the treatment may take only one session or be completed within a couple of weeks.
Is it necessary to trim and cover with veneers the teeth if we want to undergo a smile design?
It is not always necessary to trim and cover the teeth with veneers as the part of a smile design. Usually, you can achieve desired results with easier, protective methods such as composite veneers, bonding treatment, recontouring or teeth whitening (bleaching).