Dt. Elif Yardım Eyüboğlu

Dt. Elif Yardım Eyüpoğlu

Dt. Elif Yardım Eyüpoğlu

Born 29.03.1975 in Trabzon.
After receiving primary, secondary, and high school education in Trabzon studied at the Faculty of Dentistry of Hacettepe University in the years 199-1998 and graduated in 1998 with the title of a dentist.

After graduation started her career working in a private office and for a period of time worked as a dentist in Gümüşhane/Torul State Hospital and Trabzon Oral and Dental Health Centre. From 2007 on, continues her career in Private Dentomed Oral and Dental Health Clinic founded by her and her co-workers.
Participated in a number of education programmes and seminars regarding dentistry and acquired certificates in various fields. She is a married mother of 1 daughter and 1 son.

Some of the courses and seminars she has participated in:

– Dental Implantology-Treatment Planning and Prosthetic Restorations / Bego Implant Systems (Bremen, Germany, 2014)

– FDI 2013 İstanbul 101. World Dentistry Congress (İstanbul, 28-31 August 2013)

– Porcelain Laminate Veneers in Smile Design / Vesta Vestiyer Academy (İstanbul, 22-23 December 2012)

– Contemporary Solutions in Aesthetic Dentistry / Turkish Dentistry Association (Trabzon, 28 November 2010)

– Modern Interdisciplinary Procedures in Office Dentistry / Turkish Dentistry Association (Trabzon, 27 November 2005)

– Complications and their Treatments in Surgical Procedures & Periodontal Surgery and Aesthetics / Turkish Dentistry Association (Trabzon, 13 March 2005)